Alpha Venture DAO and Sei Join Forces to Supercharge DeFi Innovations

Sei brings hands-on mentorship to Alpha Incubate Batch 2, a bespoke DeFi incubation program that serves as your Build Partner

Alpha Venture DAO and Sei Join Forces to Supercharge DeFi Innovations

Sei brings hands-on mentorship to Alpha Incubate Batch 2, a bespoke DeFi incubation program that serves as your Build Partner

Sei, a first sector specific Layer 1 specialized for trading and fastest chain to finality, joins together with Alpha Venture DAO, a renowned Web 3.0 venture builder, to deliver the most competitive incubation program, ‘Alpha Incubate Batch 2’ to DeFi builders. We collaborate to give innovators with hands-on mentorship experience in creating simple, secure, scalable dApps on Sei and to accelerate the growth of DeFi projects.

Alpha Incubate Batch 2 is a 12-week DeFi-focused program that provides guidance, resources and support to innovative startups. We analyze each project 1 by 1 to find their areas of need and pair them with top-tier investors, operators, and founders who provide advice on strategy and the steps that incubatees should take to get to their milestones and move from 0 to 1 through the program. In short, successful candidates will receive personalized actionable steps specific to their sector and stage. These bespoke mentorships will be led by mentors from the Alpha Network, such as investors and operators from The Spartan Group, Nansen, 1Kx, Parafi Capital, and many others, including Sei.

Sei has one of the most well-rounded ecosystems fully equipped to support DeFi projects to success.  The chain emphasizes reliability, security and high throughput above all else, enabling an entirely new echelon of ultra-high performance DeFi products built on top. By exploring the new design space in between app-chains and general purpose Layer 1's, Sei has carefully selected for a unique set of tradeoffs that make its Layer 1 the optimal environment for DEXs. In this program, projects will have the opportunity to get personalized mentorship from Sei and tap into a community of industry experts that will help them raise funds from top-tier investors hand-selected by Alpha Venture DAO after the Demo Day. Moreover, startups will also be fast tracked to be considered for grants from Sei, receive marketing support, and many more perks that builders can leverage. With the addition of Sei to our ecosystem, we hope to incubate the next generation of disruptive DeFi innovations that raise the standard for all DeFi projects, and move towards mass-adoption.

The application window is now open until November 27, 2022 at 11:59pm UTC. Builders can apply here to join the Alpha Incubate Batch 2 program.

*Any questions regarding the application process can be directed to here.

"We are confident that our partnership with Sei will bring immense value to Web 3.0 builders through the Alpha Incubate Batch 2,” said Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Project Lead and Co-founder of Alpha Venture DAO. “Given Sei is one of the most user-friendly layer-1 blockchains that also provides tools and tutorials to help builders easily onboard and get started, and especially with the direct mentorship from Sei through the Alpha Incubate program that is tailored for each of our incubatees, this will definitely accelerate the growth of DeFi projects that are of high-quality.”

“We are thrilled to join the most competitive incubation program through our partnership with Alpha Venture DAO, helping to accelerate Web 3.0 startups exploring the rapidly growing DeFi design space,” said Dan Edlebeck, Head of Ecosystem at Sei. “Alpha Incubate Batch 2 will deliver multiple exciting, scalable dApps through this cohort. I'm interested to see which DeFi applications are born and expand the Sei ecosystem leveraging Batch 2 program mentors' expertise, network, and long-term support.”

About Alpha Venture DAO

Alpha Venture DAO is a community-driven venture builder that builds and incubates Web 3.0 decentralized applications (dApp). Alpha Venture DAO is the team behind Alpha Homora, the top leveraged yield farming protocol that was ranked in the Top 10 DeFi protocol. Its vision is to become a multi-chain dApp ecosystem. By being a part of Alpha Venture DAO, anyone can build, contribute, and own Web 3.0 innovation. Builders now have a complete ecosystem to bootstrap their Web 3.0 projects.



About Sei

Sei Labs is a contributor to the open-source Sei blockchain, the fastest Layer 1 for trading. Sei's unique chain-level optimizations enable decentralized exchanges and trading apps to offer the best user experience with modern performance and scalability. The Sei Labs team is composed of industry veterans from Goldman Sachs, Databricks, Robinhood, Google, and Nvidia.

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