Altlayer and Sei: Democratizing the Parallel EVM

Altlayer and Sei: Democratizing the Parallel EVM

As part of its goal to scale the EVM, Sei Labs recently unveiled its ground-breaking initiative, The Parallel Stack, setting a new benchmark for maximally performant Layer 2 solutions. 

At its core, The Parallel Stack emerges as a robust, open-source framework designed for crafting Layer 2s and rollups that harness the power of parallel processing. Inspired by the developments and learnings from building the most performant EVM blockchain to date in Sei v2, this architectural innovation is tailored to significantly enhance Rollup performance, targeting the throughput bottlenecks that Layer 2 blockchains currently face.

The philosophy behind The Parallel Stack resonates with the principle of serving as an open source public good for the Ethereum ecosystem. In this way, a partnership with AltLayer to facilitate easy access and deployment of parallelized rollups is a natural step.

How does AltLayer fit into the picture?

AltLayer’s RaaS offering aims to make it easier to customize and deploy application-tailored rollups. By leveraging AltLayer, dApp builders who wish to leverage parallelized execution can do so without having to deal with any of the hosting and maintenance of the node infrastructure that underpins a Parallel Stack rollup. This can save substantial time, manpower, and resources for dApp developers and allow them to focus on their expertise: dApp development.

Beyond RaaS, AltLayer is also building a framework called “restaked rollups” that takes existing rollups and provides them with enhanced security, decentralization, interoperability and crypto-economic fast finality by leveraging EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism. 

Restaked rollups are essentially a set of three vertically integrated Actively Validated Services (AVSes) created on-demand for a given rollup. These AVSes in conjunction offer three key services to rollups:

  1. Verification of rollup's state correctness
  2. Faster finality
  3. Decentralized Sequencing

As a part of this collaboration, AltLayer will extend its restaked rollup products to the Parallel Stack, allowing Parallel Stack rollups to benefit from EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism alongside parallelized execution of transactions. 

Looking Ahead

As Sei Labs completes its work on the Sei v2 upgrade, it's important to look to the future and continue to build features that unlock highly performant infrastructure, for the widest possible group of developers. As we enter a new era of Ethereum with EIP-4844, working with Alt Layer to bring maximal performance to Layer 2 comes at a crucial time. The parallel stack is built and provided to all, in line with this philosophy.