An Open Letter to Founders and Pre-Founders

An Open Letter to Founders and Pre-Founders

Dear Crypto Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Pre-Founders, 

We hope this message finds you well. Here at The Sei Foundation, we have a clear mandate to grow the Sei Ecosystem. With that in mind, for us, finding and working with strong Founders is one of the most important missions we will undertake; we believe that this is the cornerstone of any successful ecosystem.

We understand the unique challenges that you face when first starting a project in this industry. Building a successful project in crypto from scratch demands not just technical understanding, but also a thick skin, unwavering commitment and often to be “terminally online”. We recognize that dedication and passion that drives you, because we share it. Like you, we have experienced the late nights, the setbacks, the soul searching, and the breakthroughs that are all part of translating a bold vision into viable technology, built in public.

We believe your ability to be ruthlessly efficient, to envision new ideas, to persevere, and to lead is crucial to Sei’s success.

The Foundation is eager to provide the resources and guidance necessary to elevate a select group of Technical Founders' projects, through the Sei EIR Program.

As part of this Program, successful applicants will receive three months of stipend to develop a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP) alongside Foundation members and industry experts. This journey will culminate in an online Demo Day, where participants can showcase their projects and ideas to the community and industry leaders.

We want to help you to ship your ideas. You can expect support on development, including hands-on mentorship from the Sei Labs (Eng, Prod), Sei Foundation (DevRel, EcoSuccess), working with an assigned mentor, and access to Sei infra/service partners, developer tooling & documentation.

You will also receive advice on project planning, technical viability, branding, and marketing from our mentors, who can draw from their extensive industry experience.

Lastly, You can also expect a fast track to meeting and working with other teams building on Sei.

Interested in applying? Check out our application form here: Link

The Foundation committee will be in touch with the strongest applicants. 

Kind regards,

The Sei Foundation


  1. How can I increase my chances of being accepted to the program?

All project ideas will be considered - however the Foundation is primarily looking for evidence that a Founder has relevant experience or brings a unique perspective to the table. Your crypto native-ness and judgement are important factors, along with your views about what truly moves the needle for a new project when looking for early success.

2. Where is the Sei EIR held?

The Program is primarily online. There will be a point of contact allocated to provide assistance in developing a strategic roadmap and collaborating with critical members of the Sei Foundation team and external advisors. In addition, there will be opportunities for in-person meetings at a mutually convenient time and location.

3. Can I participate in the Sei EIR on a part-time basis?

No, candidates are expected to be on a full-time basis in order to fully commit their time to the program.

4. What is the deadline for applying to the Sei EIR?

No specific deadline has been set. The program will carry on until further notice, please kindly refer to our Sei official news for updates.

5. Now isn't a suitable time for me to join, but I am interested, what should I do?

If the current timing is not convenient for you, the Foundation suggests that you should still apply for the application form and share your contact details. This will enable you to receive future updates and stay connected with our team.

6. Is the Sei EIR appropriate for me if I'm already running a project?

If you have not yet raised and consider yourself a suitable match for the Sei ecosystem, please kindly submit the application. The Sei EIR is designed for Founders at the earliest stages.

7. Am I still eligible for the Sei EIR if I’m an independent founder?

Yes, you are eligible to apply and participate as an independent founder. The Foundation will facilitate connections between all potential candidates to help build the best team.

8. Do I need to know someone at the Sei Foundation team to get into the Sei EIR?


9. Do I need to establish a company before applying for the Sei EIR?

If you have not yet established a company, the Sei EIR offers access to advisors that can assist you with the incorporation process and help determine the most appropriate course of action.