Atlantic Rewards

Atlantic Rewards

The first phase of the Sei network is complete, with the conclusion of the Atlantic incentivized testnet.

The purpose of Sei's incentivized testnet was to rigorously examine every aspect of Sei's stack—from consensus to applications—prior to the mainnet launch. This endeavour has proven immensely successful, with the participation of more than 7 million unique wallets.

At its busiest, Atlantic 2 was processing tens of millions of requests each day, pushing every part of Sei's stack to the limit to confirm its readiness before the launch of Pacific-1 Mainnet.

As part of this, SEI tokens have been set aside by the Sei Foundation to reward testers, as part of the “Atlantic Rewards” Sei distribution.

As the most loyal Seilors, Sei’s Top Ambassadors and completionists of all the available tasks have been rewarded with the most SEI, and those who did fewer tasks were rewarded with enough tokens to cover gas costs for their first transactions as they embark on their voyage.

Rewards will be open for claiming once Pacific-1 Mainnet goes live with its public launch.

Community members will be able to do so here:

Note: Community members may need to import their wallet to a Sei-Mainnet friendly wallet, starting with Compass. Please follow the instructions as appropriate and remember to never share your seed phrase with anyone! If you already have one of these wallets installed, please ensure you have the latest version installed which supports Pacific-1 Mainnet.

Ensuring Fairness

Beyond this, in order to help deliver a fairer incentivized testnet reward to participants, a variety of checks and investigations were carried out, primarily:

Identification and classification of bots on Atlantic 2

  • Atlantic-2 testnet saw over 450m transactions in the short time that it has been live.
  • In order to identify bots, wallet activity was tracked and used to classify wallets, with the assistance of Flipside crypto. For the purposes of incentivized testnet rewards, wallets that are clearly malicious with unusual indegrees and outdegrees were excluded.

Analysis of user activity and behaviour

Sybil Farmers

  • Patterns linked to probable Sybil attackers—individuals creating multiple accounts to take unfair advantage of the testnet mission rewards pool—have been identified. These attackers were effectively filtered out by performing a cluster analysis of the database to spot accounts that repeatedly used the same wallets to accomplish missions throughout the campaign. Following this, mission progress across accounts with identical SEI addresses was merged into one single account. All told, over 7,000 clusters were identified and eliminated, with the most extensive cluster comprising over 30,000 unique SEI addresses.

Multi-Account users

  • In response to users who unfairly exploited multiple accounts, employing identical Discord and Twitter accounts, their progress was merged. By pinpointing and consolidating these accounts, any unfair advantages gained from this exploitative practice were effectively curtailed.‌‌


  • Certain users attempted to exploit vulnerabilities in the backend by employing fake wallets and social accounts during missions. To ensure the legitimacy of user progress, the Foundation actively filtered out these exploit accounts, mitigating their impact.

How to Claim and Next Steps

Once the Pacific-1 public launch has begun, Sei community members can find out if they are eligible here, on the “Atlantic Rewards” tab.

Community members should keep their eyes peeled for bonus rewards, if they are lucky enough to receive them.

Once claimed, SEI can be used to secure the Sei blockchain via staking, or utilised across ecosystem projects as they go live on Pacific-1 in the coming days and weeks. Be sure to follow Sei on Twitter for more.

Some useful tools to navigate Sei:

Explorer | SeiScan powered by Celatone
Explore, deploy, execute, and query smart contracts on Sei from a user-friendly web UI

Looking forwards

This marks the first major token distribution in the history of Sei.

With the testing phase now concluded, every contributor to Sei can look forward to the next steps on this shared journey to bring Sei’s technology to the world, revolutionizing decentralized applications.

This is just the beginning.