Sei Foundation partners with Gitcoin to announce $10M Creator Fund

Sei Foundation partners with Gitcoin to announce $10M Creator Fund

The Sei Foundation, a non-profit committed to the Sei ecosystem's growth, has launched the Sei Creator Fund today, a $10m grants fund for both the creation of new projects and growth of existing NFT and Social projects on Sei. 

This fund is deployed in recognition of the remarkable community growth in recent months on Sei, designed to help scale Sei’s NFT and Social ecosystems.

The Vision of the Sei Creator Fund

The Sei Creator Fund is designed to empower creators and builders across the spectrum of NFTs and Social: collections, applications, infrastructure, content creation, and even In-Real-Life (IRL) events. 

Who Benefits?

The answer is - a wide array of projects and teams contributing to the Sei NFT ecosystem! The Sei Creator Fund is designed to support hundreds of projects and creators at varying stages of their development journey. Whether you're at the ideation phase for new infrastructure or tooling, looking to realize your creative vision, or looking to take the next big step with your existing NFT project, look no further.

The grants application starts today with Phase 1: applying directly to the Foundation.

Phase 2 will commence shortly after, via an entirely community directed funding process, in partnership with Gitcoin.

Community Directed Funding

In a ground-breaking move towards enhanced decentralization within the Sei ecosystem, the second phase of grants will involve the community's votes. This will be facilitated through a collaboration with Gitcoin, a platform known for its commitment to funding open-source development and public goods. For the first time, the Sei community will have a say in how the grants are distributed, empowering those at the heart of the ecosystem.

A creator achieves creative nirvana after applying to the Creator Fund

How to Apply?

Phase 1: Apply Directly to the Foundation via the Form here: link

Phase 2: Community Directed funding via Gitcoin Grants. Get on the waitlist here: link

This is your gateway to potentially transforming your innovative ideas into reality, or take your project to the next level with the support of the Sei Creator Fund.


By bringing together creators from across the globe and empowering the community to play a role in the allocation of resources, the Sei ecosystem is poised for unprecedented expansion and growth.

If you're a creator, builder, or innovator looking to make an impact within the Sei ecosystem, or already here and considering how to expedite your projects’ growth, now is the time to lean in. The Sei Creator Fund represents a unique opportunity to bring your projects to life, supported by a Foundation that believes in the power of decentralized creativity.