Getting Started with Sei V2

Getting Started with Sei V2

Welcome to the upgraded Sei Blockchain, now at Version 2!

This guide is designed to help you start using Sei and get Sei tokens, no matter your experience level or which platform you currently use. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

You will need:

  • A self custody wallet, such as Metamask or Compass.
  • Either Sei tokens on a CEX, or Stablecoins in a self custody wallet.

Connecting your Wallet to Sei

When you connect your wallet to an application on Sei, you should automatically be prompted to join the correct network in your wallet interface.

It's recommended to use the new :

You can find network details here to manually add the Sei Network:

You can also always follow the instructions shared by your chosen wallet provider, to add a new network manually in the same way you would add any other EVM blockchain network.

Linking your EVM wallet

In order to start using apps on Sei v2, users are strongly recommended to visit and follow the instructions to link their wallet first.

After connecting your wallet to the Sei App, users should navigate to the "dashboard" tab to begin the wallet linking process.

This lets you discover both the EVM address and the Sei address associated with your account on Sei. This process does not require SEI tokens for gas.

You will be prompted to sign a message - the request will look like the image below:

Congratulations, you have now found both the "sei" and "evm" wallet addresses associated with your account on Sei.

It is recommended that every user of Sei goes through this process; many apps on Sei utilize cross VM functionality and will only work if you have completed this user flow.

These addresses are pre-defined and cannot be changed, as they are both derived from your public key.

Onboarding from Centralized Exchanges

If you’re coming to Sei from a centralized exchange, the transition to using both Sei and 0x wallet addresses on the Sei blockchain is straightforward. Over time, these exchanges will upgrade their systems to support both types of addresses.

Withdrawing to a Sei Address:

Users can simply copy their address starting with “sei…” and paste into the withdrawal page on their chosen CEX.

No memo is required to withdraw from a CEX, however it is likely you will need to provide a memo when depositing Sei back onto a CEX. Refer to your chosen CEX’s guidelines to ensure your assets are transferred safely.

Withdrawing to an Address starting in "0x"

While CEXes integrate with Sei V2, users will have to follow the following instructions in order to get started on Sei with a Metamask or other EVM wallet.

If you currently have an "0x" address and wish to onboard to Sei from a CEX, you will need to find your corresponding Sei address first, by linking your wallet as shown previously in this guide.

This requires users to visit the Dashboard page on the Sei App. You will be able to see both of your addresses if already linked, otherwise you will be prompted to sign a message and link your 0x and Sei addresses.

Bridging to Sei Blockchain

To move assets onto the Sei Blockchain from another network, a variety of bridges are recommended via the Sei app. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit Navigate to the "Bridge" tab.
  2. Select the Origin Chain: Indicate the blockchain where your asset currently resides.
  1. Choose Your Asset: Decide which asset you wish to bridge to the Sei blockchain. A smaller subsection of more liquid assets are included here, such as stablecoins. It is likely that other tokens will be available to bridge, from each third party site. Always verify that the token you are bridging will result in the version of each asset you actually want.
  2. Bridging Recommendation: Based on your asset and its origin chain, the Sei app will suggest a third-party bridge site.

As more bridges come online and connect with Sei v2, they will be added to this bridge tab.

While bridge providers will always endeavour to eliminate bridge risks, when it comes to bridging users should always do their own research.

Gas on Arrival Features: Some suggested bridges, such as Squid and Symbiosis, will offer "gas on arrival" features. This can be particularly helpful by providing you with a small amount of Sei tokens to cover your initial transaction fees.

Now you are ready to start using the Sei Blockchain.

Viewing your Assets in your Wallet

As a source of truth, users can navigate to the new block explorers for Sei v2: and

These new explorers support both EVM and Native Sei.

Simply search for your wallet address to view the assets you're currently holding in that address. You can import tokens to Metamask using the contract addresses you find here, find out more here:


Dual Address Support

The Sei V2 upgrade introduces a significant upgrade: dual address support. This means you can onboard to the Sei blockchain using two types of wallet addresses:

  • 0x Addresses: Commonly used in the Ethereum ecosystem, these addresses start with "0x".
  • Sei Addresses: Native to the Sei blockchain.

Both address types are supported on Sei. Each Sei wallet address has a corresponding 0x address that can be “linked” to it, both of which are derived from a users public key on Sei.

A deeper dive into how interoperability works can be found here:

By following this guide, you should now be equipped to navigate the Sei V2 with ease.

Sei Less, do more.