Gravity Bridge to deploy on Sei, unlocking greater Interoperability and Liquidity in the Sei ecosystem

Gravity Bridge to deploy on Sei, unlocking greater Interoperability and Liquidity in the Sei ecosystem

Sei, the fastest layer 1 blockchain, has partnered with Gravity Bridge, an open, decentralized bridge that unlocks the power of interoperability and liquidity between blockchain ecosystems.

How is Gravity Bridge different from other bridges?

Gravity Bridge is built using the Cosmos SDK, and it uses the validator set to sign transactions instead of a multi-sig or permissioned set of actors. Gravity is a decentralized infrastructure with a large, active validator set, and an open, permissionless front-end and relayer ecosystem, which invites open collaborations and ecosystem contributions.

Gravity Bridge takes a unique approach to testing code in the Cosmos ecosystem, focusing on integration testing in addition to unit testing. On every code change, Gravity Bridge automatically spins up 24 separate testnets and runs randomly generated workloads combined with exploit attempts against the new code.

What will this integration enable?

Together, Sei and Gravity Bridge will enable seamless and secure interoperability between the Ethereum and Sei ecosystems, allowing users to take advantage of the unique projects and benefits of each ecosystem. This integration will provide access to a wide range of decentralized financial services both on and through Sei.

Gravity Bridge will also be one of the first chains in the Cosmos ecosystem to deploy an Interchain Accounts Controller (ICA) Module. This will surely usher into a new era of DeFi built at the application layer.

About Gravity Bridge

Gravity Bridge is a purpose-built, fully decentralized, trustless Cosmos blockchain. It secures the operation of bridges between blockchains, and bridges assets between the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. Ethereum and EVM-compatible tokens can be transferred across the Gravity Bridge to a Cosmos wallet and then onto other Cosmos wallets or DEXs (such as Osmosis or Gravity DEX). Cosmos SDK-based blockchains can similarly send tokens across Gravity Bridge to the Ethereum ecosystem, making them available for transfer or potentially trading on Uniswap or other ETH DEXs.

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About Sei

Sei is the first Layer 1 specialized for trading, optimizing every layer of the stack to offer the best infrastructure for trading apps of all types — NFT marketplaces, gaming DEXs, and DeFi DEXs.

Backed by Multicoin, Delphi, Coinbase, Hudson River, GSR, Flow Traders and angels from LayerZero, Frax, and Anchorage, Sei has 150+ teams from Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, Aptos, and Sui building ahead of mainnet.

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