“Hey, Seiri” Sei Content Creation Contest - Win SEI!

“Hey, Seiri” Sei Content Creation Contest - Win SEI!
If you are a creative thinker, content creator, or social media enthusiast, submit your entry of Sei v2 content on X (Twitter) then join here to enter the contest to win and share 2,050 SEI!


Sei is pleased to announce a content creation contest aimed at engaging our community and encouraging creativity, with up to 2,050 SEI to be won.

This contest invites participants to create original content related to Sei or the Sei ecosystem, including tweets, graphics, videos, and more. 

The contest is open to the public, and participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and win exciting prizes from the Sei Foundation and the Sei ecosystem.


The objective of this contest is to generate engaging and informative content that highlights the features and benefits of Sei and the Sei ecosystem. 

By encouraging creativity and participation, we aim to increase awareness and interest in our project among the public and the upcoming Sei v2 EVM mainnet.

Contest Details

Participants must share their entries by posting them on X (Twitter) and tagging @SeiNetwork, then submitting the link to their tweet. Make sure to follow @SeiNetwork too!

You can submit your entry in the form of articles, videos, graphics, or any other format that showcases your creativity and highlights Sei or the Sei ecosystem.

If you wish to create content for a specific Sei ecosystem project, you can choose the preferred project track and have the opportunity to win prizes from the Sei Foundation. The content should be original and focus on topics related to Sei and the Sei ecosystem, such as its technology, use cases, highlights, narratives, stories, communities, or future developments.

Here are some content examples for your reference:


Submissions will undergo a voting process on JokeRace by the Sei community, using addresses submitted via the "Sei v2 EVM DEVNET" form announced on the Sei Discord previously.

The community will cast their votes based on creativity, originality, popularity, relevance to Sei or the Sei ecosystem, and overall quality. The top 10 entries with the most votes will be shortlisted and proceed to be judged by the team at the Sei Foundation. They will then select the top 3 entries and declare the winners on the @SeiNetwork X account.

The Sei Foundation will reward the shortlisted and the top 3 winners as follows:

  • 1st Place: 1,000 SEI Tokens, plus an interview opportunity to join the Sei Foundation marketing team.
  • 2nd Place: 500 SEI Tokens
  • 3rd Place: 200 SEI Tokens
  • 4th-10th Places: 50 SEI Tokens each

    *Winners will be contacted through direct messages by the @SeiNetwork X account within 7 days after the end of the contest.

Who can join the contest 

The contest is public and open to everyone for participation.

Submitted content should remain classy and avoid anything offensive or inappropriate. We're all about good vibes here.

How to submit your creation

Create your Sei-related content - be creative!

  1. Post it on your X account (Twitter) and tag @SeiNetwork.
  2. Follow @SeiNetwork on X
  3. Connect your “Sei Testnet Network” wallet to JokeRace.io. (Configuration details below)
  4. Visit the faucet page and request a small amount of SEI testnet tokens. (Faucets details below)
  5. Add your X (Twitter) post link to the submission form.
  6. Click “submit” and share your submission link with your friends and families so they can help spread the word.

Click the “submit a response” button after connecting your wallet.

Sei v2 Testnet Network config resources:
Network name: Sei v2 EVM testnet
Chain ID: 713715
Currency symbol: SEI
Block Explorer URL: 

Available Faucets:
(Discord gated) STAKEME Faucet
(Github gated) NIMA Faucet

Who can vote for the shortlist

The Sei community members who submitted their addresses via the 'Sei v2 EVM DEVNET' form announced on Sei Discord previously are eligible to vote.

Each address will receive 10 votes to cast for the submission they consider most outstanding.

Suggested evaluation parameters

  • Originality of the idea: 40%
  • Quality of the content: 40%
  • Engagement and impact: 20%


  • Submissions open: April 15th, 02:00 PM UTC
  • Submissions close/Voting opens: April 24th, 02:00 PM UTC
  • Voting closes: April 29th, 02:00 PM UTC


  • Anyone can submit.
  • Each wallet can enter a maximum of 1 submission.
  • Contest accepts up to 100,000 submissions.

We believe that this content creation contest will not only showcase the creativity of our community but also help us in exposing Sei to a wider audience. We're looking forward to seeing all the amazing entries!