How the Sei V2 Launch Will Work

How the Sei V2 Launch Will Work

Learn more about the technical details of this proposed upgrade to Sei here:

Sei V2 is a proposed, additive upgrade to a live blockchain, bringing the first highly performant parallelized EVM into production. This upgrade will require a Governance approval process to proceed.

The launch is planned to be divided into three phases. Keep reading to find out what to expect at each step of the process:

Launch Countdown

By rolling out Sei v2 in measured steps, Sei Contributors can:

Minimize Risk: A gradual rollout allows for rigorous testing and monitoring of network stability, along with ensuring all third party infrastructure such as bridges and RPC nodes are ready for users to begin using Sei at scale.

Set Expectations: EVM projects and Infrastructure cannot start their Mainnet deployments until the upgrade is complete.

Optimize Performance: The phased approach enables us to measure and optimize network performance as more users and operators join the ecosystem. This ensures a stable and scalable network for everyone.

Phase 1: Governance

Sei is a permission-less, open source, delegated proof of stake network governed by SEI token holders.

Sei Labs engineers plan to notify validators that v2, a proposed update to the Sei blockchain, is ready to be adopted on Mainnet via an onchain proposal, beginning the Governance approval process.

This comes after numerous audits and ongoing optimizations discovered during the Sei V2 public Devnet.

Phase 2: Alpha Launch: Stability and Third Party Infrastructure Deployment

If the Governance approval process is accepted, validators will begin to upgrade their software and the existing Sei Pacific-1 Mainnet will be upgraded to “v2”.

At this stage, it will become possible to deploy EVM based contracts, and begin infrastructure integrations on Sei. Note: Existing applications and tokens will still function exactly as they did before the upgrade.

This phase will be measured in days rather than weeks, with Sei Labs monitoring and reporting on chain stability in the interim. Not everything will be functional at the start of this period, for example bridges will need time to deploy to Mainnet before they can be used by the community.

Phase 3: v2 ready

An announcement will be made on the official Sei twitter account that v2 is stable and critical infrastructure such as RPCs, bridges, indexers and multisigs are ready.

Initially, a block gas limit will be in place for the purposes of stability. As time goes on and demand increases, this limit would be increased to satisfy demand.

Crucially, the work to continuously optimize Sei does not end here. The end goal is to build a blockchain that can support truly consumer-grade applications, serving millions of users. This upgrade is a major leap forward towards that goal.

Sei less, do more.