Sei’s Parallel EVM is open for Everyone

Sei’s Parallel EVM is open for Everyone

TLDR: We are ecstatic to announce that the fastest EVM blockchain ever built, Sei v2 mainnet beta, is now live and available for everyone. 

Sei was created with a clear vision: Build the fastest blockchain, optimized for the exchange of digital assets. This vision has come one step closer to reality with the launch of Sei v2; the first parallelized EVM blockchain. 

Sei V2 serves to accelerate the Ethereum ecosystem by providing developers with an opportunity to build on the most performant EVM blockchain available. We believe Sei V2 has the potential to unlock a broader design space for low latency, censorship resistant applications. 

Live Now

Since the Sei v2 devnet launch in February and alpha launch in June, we’ve seen Sei evolve into a vibrant ecosystem and community.

 DEXes both familiar and new, and NFT marketplaces too, lending and liquid staking are all deployed and growing on Pacific-1 mainnet. We’ve also started to see new use cases that push the limit of what’s possible, like hybrid orderbook dexes. In recent weeks, leading wallets, bridges, security providers, oracles and analytics services have all integrated with Sei v2,  enabling developers to build highly performant, resilient dapps. 

A multitude of projects have also yet to announce their launch. So, keep your eyes peeled on the official Sei Network account for more updates, and browse existing offerings here.

Come Build

Looking ahead, the Foundation’s focus will truly be on builders; we invite developers and innovators to join us on this journey. 

If you are an EVM builder, you are a Sei V2 builder.

The Foundation is here to help empower you to build at your best on the most performant blockchain.

To get started, check out the recently revamped sei docs here.