The sei/acc Accelerator Program is here

The sei/acc Accelerator Program is here

If you are an experienced founder or subject matter expert at any stage of your career, you can apply here to take part.

In crypto, Sei is at the forefront of innovation. The Sei ecosystem is positioned for significant growth, and central to this is finding the strongest founders in crypto to champion initiatives.

Sei is excited to introduce the sei/acc program, which aims to identify the strongest founders in crypto, facilitate revolutionary decentralized applications (dapps) and accelerate ecosystem expansion.

The Objective

The sei/acc program aims to nurture an environment within the Sei ecosystem that empowers dedicated founders and talented individuals keen on developing and launching transformative dapps and products. Sei is committed to unlocking the inherent potential of the candidates and assisting them in expanding the scope of the Sei ecosystem. By the end of the program, candidates will not only have devised a comprehensive strategy but will also be fully equipped to advance their innovative projects to new heights of achievement.

Sei Launchpad Program

In many cases, Founders already have the beginnings of their project mapped out. The Sei Launchpad serves as a forge for consumer facing applications, turning early stage projects into outstanding blockchain solutions. Candidates present and develop consumer-facing dapps or products tailored to consumer needs. The idea will be assessed from several perspectives such as its innovation, market adaptability, user potential demand, and capacity to solve real-world problems. Candidates are expected to outline a detailed project plan or an engineering build-out, and assemble a dedicated team. 

Achieving key milestones can broaden the program's scope. Sei provides extensive support, fostering the convergence of talent into teams that can hone skills and develop killer applications with competitive remuneration. Hitting these critical milestones triggers the Sei Foundation's financial engagement, which includes capital investment, token grants, and audit assistance, while also securing a tactical stake in the project's triumphant future through protocol tokens or equity participation.

Application form for the sei/acc Program


The program will run for three months for each candidate, with the potential for a six-month extension on a case-by-case basis, tailored to the circumstances of individual cases.

Criteria for Candidates - What kind of founders the Foundation is seeking

The Foundation is seeking founders/former founders who have successfully launched projects in the past and have the drive to be successful. Candidates must include one of the following criteria:

Have a proven track record of building a company or project.
Have an outstanding track record of being a subject matter expert in a specific domain.
Have a successful exit or experience in scaling businesses from inception to operational stage.

( *Please note: The Sei Launchpad Program allows up to two co-founders who provide their skills complement each other, such as CTO/CEO.)

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You can Apply here

Candidates can step into the fold either by applying through the Sei official website or by a warm referral. A series of interviews will determine the suitability, after which candidates can align their passion with an initiative of their choice within the Sei’s umbrella. The Sei Foundation provides a platform to facilitate the candidates' goals.

The Big Picture

The initiatives of the Sei ecosystem - Sei Launchpad Program - Demonstrate a holistic approach to growing the Sei ecosystem. By providing the resources, guidance, and incentives, Sei goes beyond investing in projects and invests in the visionaries who generate them. Sei's commitment is to nurture a burgeoning generation of blockchain Web3 founders, equipped and inspired to drive the industry into a new generation.


Where is the Sei Accelerator held?
The Accelerator is primarily online. There will be a product manager allocated to provide assistance in developing a strategic roadmap and collaborating with critical members of the Sei Foundation team. In addition, there will be opportunities for in-person meetings at a mutually convenient time and location.

2. Will I receive any financial compensation while participating in the Sei Accelerator?
Yes, if you have been interviewed by the committee and successfully joined the program,  you will be awarded with compensation and clear milestones.

3. Can I participate in the Sei Accelerator on a part-time basis?
No, candidates are expected to be on a full-time basis in order to fully commit their time to the program and focus on expanding their business, interacting with customers/users, and improving their products.

4. What is the deadline for applying to the Sei Accelerator?
No specific deadline has been set. The program will carry on until further notice, please kindly refer to our Sei official news for updates.

5. Now isn't a suitable time for me to join, but I am interested, what should I do?
If the current timing is not convenient for you, the Foundation suggests that you should still apply for the application form and share your contact details. This will enable you to receive future updates and stay connected with our team.

6. I’m currently engaged in fundraising activities but I’m interested in the Sei Accelerator. What should I do?
The Foundation recommends that you should still apply for the application form and provide your contact details. This will enable you to receive subsequent notifications of updates and keep in touch with our team.

7. Is the Sei Accelerator appropriate for me if I'm already running a project?
If you have not yet raised tokens/equity investment and consider yourself a suitable match for the Sei ecosystem, please kindly submit the application. The Sei Accelerator is designed for founders at the earliest stages of their company journey. 

8. Am I still eligible for the Sei Accelerator if I’m an independent founder?
Yes, you are eligible to apply and participate as an independent founder. The Foundation will facilitate connections between all potential candidates to help build the best team.

9. Do I need to know someone at the Sei Foundation team to get into the Sei Accelerator?
No, all applicants must fill out all of the required registration applications and must be interviewed by the committee in order to be accepted into the program.

10. If I participated in another accelerator, would I still be eligible for the Sei Accelerator?
Yes, every project is required to deploy its products on the Sei blockchain. If you are currently developing on other blockchains and haven‘t yet raised funds, the Foundation requires that you migrate to the Sei blockchain.

11. Do I need to establish a company before applying for the Sei Accelerator?
If you have not yet established a company, the Sei Accelerator offers access to professional legal service firms that can assist you with the incorporation process and help determine the most appropriate course of action.

About Sei Foundation

The Sei Foundation is a non profit organization created with the mandate to empower builders and contributors to the Sei blockchain, and further decentralize the blockchain over time.

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