The Fastest Chain needs fast indexing : Sei live on Space and Time

The Fastest Chain needs fast indexing : Sei live on Space and Time

Space and Time is the preferred data warehouse for the Sei ecosystem.

As the Sei blockchain grows, it is important for the Sei Foundation to partner with infrastructure solutions that support  the entire ecosystem and lower the barrier for new teams to deploy their projects efficiently on Sei.

One of the biggest challenges of working with the fastest chain to finality, is quickly, efficiently and trustlessly pulling data from the chain, as blocks are rapidly processed and finalized.

To tackle the problem of real time data indexing, a new integration for Sei is here: Space and Time (SxT), which is now live with indexed Sei data.

What is Space and Time?

Space and Time is the Verifiable Compute Layer for Web3.

By integrating with SxT, ZK-indexed Sei data is made available for developers to query, join with offchain data, ZK-prove the result, and connect it to their Sei smart contracts.

SxT ensures tamperproof computations at scale, and proves that query results haven’t been manipulated; making Space and Time the preferred, high performance, reliable data warehouse for Sei.

There are a few unique features about Space and Time that make it ideal for developers:

1. Realtime and historical:  Indexes Sei in real time (immediately after block finality) and stores the entire chain state/history in SxT. Blockchain data is always included with any SxT plan, so developers can start building with Sei data right away.

2. ZK-powered: SxT’s indexer is powered by ZK, so that devs know they're getting accurate, complete, tamperproof Sei data.

3. Queryable: SxT indexes Sei data into relational tables so devs can easily explore it, query it, and use it to build dapps and analytics.

4. Smart-contract connected: Devs can send query results (against onchain and offchain data, or both) to smart contracts on Sei with ZK-proof that they’re accurate and tamperproof. This is powered by Proof of SQL, SxT's novel ZK-proof.

5. Dashboards included: Users can easily build visualizations and dashboards for Sei data or let Houston, SxT's AI data engineer, generate them from natural language prompts.

Space and Time sits next to Sei as the Verifiable Compute Layer, connecting verifiable offchain compute against indexed Sei data and offchain data to Sei smart contracts to enable devs to build better, faster exchanges, dapps, and protocols. Developers can start building with Sei data on the Space and Time Studio.

As we look ahead to 2024, it is becoming increasingly simple to deploy new and exciting projects on Sei, unlocking brand new design possibilities for the next wave of killer applications.