Game On: Tatami Joins the Sei Ecosystem as a Leading Web3 Gaming-Publisher

Game On: Tatami Joins the Sei Ecosystem as a Leading Web3 Gaming-Publisher

Sei's gaming landscape takes a significant leap forward with the advent of Tatami, Web3’s first fully dedicated Game Publisher with an integrated marketplace and launchpad. Tatami brings a unique blend of game development, marketplace integration, and launchpad services, aiming to transform how games are experienced, created, and distributed in the Web3 space. This pivotal move signifies a new phase in Sei's gaming ecosystem's evolution.

Tatami: The Next-Gen Game Publisher

Tatami addresses a glaring need in the Web3 space – a dedicated game publisher. With countless games scattered across various chains, Tatami offers a singular location for users to play games, collect assets, and complete quests on a single platform. This novel approach is a first in the Web3 space, providing unrivaled infrastructure support for developers.

Tatami's extensive experience and understanding of successful game development are evident. By offering comprehensive support for game studios, including development assistance, go-to-market strategies, and user acquisition, Tatami ensures a holistic support system for both veterans and newcomers in the game development arena.

Sei and Tatami: A Perfect Partnership

Sei provides the perfect home for Tatami, with both entities sharing a vision for the future of gaming in Web3. As Tatami integrates with the Sei ecosystem, its broad connections and capabilities within the Web3 realm enable it to become the go-to platform for developers seeking growth and monetization opportunities.

Moreover, Tatami's integration with Sei reaffirms Sei's commitment to fostering a vibrant GameFi ecosystem. With Sei's robust infrastructure and Tatami's expert game publishing capabilities, the partnership heralds an era of unprecedented growth in blockchain gaming.

The Future of Gaming with Tatami on Sei

With Tatami on board, Sei's gaming ecosystem is set for an exciting journey. As the publisher of the most popular gaming dApp on Sei, Tetrisk, Tatami has already demonstrated its capacity to deliver top-notch gaming experiences. The future promises even more groundbreaking developments in gaming, betting, and social features. Stay tuned, the game has only just begun.

About Tatami

Tatami is the first fully dedicated Web3 game publisher with an integrated marketplace and launchpad. Offering a unique platform for gamers, builders, and collectors, Tatami provides comprehensive support to game studios. With 30+ years of collective experience in gaming and publishing, Tatami is committed to advancing the gaming industry in the Web3 space.

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