The Sei Community Airdrop

The Sei Community Airdrop

Update: A review was carried out and the eligibility checker amended on 30/05/24. The criteria remain exactly the same, however some figures have subsequently changed in the summary tables. The community should now re-check with all potentially eligible wallets.

If you had accepted your airdrop allocation already, there is no need to re-accept.


Since Sei reached Pacific-1 Mainnet last August, a total of over 100k addresses have delegated their voting power — an important activity that helps secure the network.

At the same time, Sei Pacific-1 Mainnet is developing into a booming economy. The primary use of Sei so far has been the exchange and creation of NFTs, with half a million individual NFT purchases and tens of millions of SEI in volume.

Now, Sei v2 is here - the first highly performant, parallelized EVM blockchain. Serving as a new scaling approach for the Ethereum ecosystem while achieving the fastest time to finality of any blockchain.

How the Airdrop Works

The Foundation’s second airdrop is simple, with three sets of criteria, all focused on active usage and participation in the Sei ecosystem.

The Sei Foundation’s Airdrop #2 distributes 34,435,600* SEI to 44,445* unique addresses to reward power users of Sei Mainnet since launch.

Users can now visit to check if their wallet addresses are eligible, and if so, read and accept the terms.

You will need to connect your wallet to the site and agree to the terms of use, in order to receive your tokens. The deadline for this is the commencement of "Phase 3" of the Sei v2 launch, scheduled in the coming weeks.

Please note that no further user interactions are required.

There is no need to return to any site and “claim tokens” by interacting with any page. Do not trust any website pretending to help you claim your tokens for Airdrop #2. If an address is eligible, it will have tokens sent directly to it, at the start of “Phase 3” of the Sei v2 launch.

Read on for more detail about the specific eligibility criteria and distribution.

Airdrop #2 Allocations:

Airdrop #2 rewards users for their involvement in securing Sei via staking and liquid staking, along with collectors of the top NFT communities.

Wallet addresses were assigned points, based on the following criteria:

Point Allocation

(1) Snapshot taken 05-16-24 00:00 UTC

(2) Snapshot taken 05-16-24 00:00 UTC

(3) Eligible collections include the top collections by lifetime volume: Seiyans, WeBump, Dob, Colony, Cappys, Alive1111, Outlines, Yaka.

(4) Snapshot taken 05-05-24 00:00 UTC

Addresses were excluded if they:

  • Staked over 2,000,000 SEI
  • Held over 2,000,000 liquid staked SEI tokens
  • Held over 150 NFTs *from the top 8 collections by volume*.

Reward Distribution

Please note that Sei core contributors and wallets associated with the Sei Foundation or Labs are explicitly not permitted to participate in this airdrop, regardless of prior circumstances. This airdrop is exclusively for the Sei community.

What’s Next?

To check your eligibility for Airdrop #2 and agree to take part, visit the airdrop app:

The Foundation endeavoured to make Airdrop #2 as fair and transparent as possible, targeting real Sei community members. However, there is always a chance some members might have been missed. Remember, this is only Airdrop #2, and a portion of the total initial token supply has been set aside for airdrops.

The Foundation encourages community members to get involved in the ecosystem, whether that’s building on Sei, exploring projects, or just joining the Discord and making some memes.

The official Sei Twitter account will announce when Phase 3 begins and tokens will be distributed. Ensure that if you are eligible to participate, you visit the airdrop app and agree to the terms as soon as practicable; addresses that do not do so will not be eligible to receive SEI from the Foundation.

Sei Less, do more.