A Guide To Building On Sei

A Guide To Building On Sei


At Sei Labs we have one core thesis: The fundamental use case of blockchains is the ability to exchange digital assets.

Digital asset trading transcends just DeFi; it underpins every popular application in crypto today. From Opensea to Axie to Uniswap, the exchange of digital assets is fundamental to crypto.

Our vision is for Sei be the super-highway for trading activity, globally across any digital asset. Just like Steam is for games, and Amazon is for E-commerce; we want it to be Sei for digital asset trading.

How does Sei accomplish this? By being the fastest Layer-1 blockchain out there optimized for the exchange of digital assets. Today, Sei offers:

·   400 ms time to finality

·   20,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS)

·   2x faster than Aptos, 10x faster than Solana and Sui

For more information on why you should build on Sei and a greater elaboration of what Sei offers, visit the Sei Lite Paper. With its Twin Turbo Consensus mechanism alongside parallelization of orders and other technical advantages, Sei enable developers to build highly scalable and efficient decentralized applications (DApps) on Sei.

Getting Started On Sei

Embark on your journey with Sei, where innovation meets execution. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just dipping your toes into the blockchain realm, Sei offers a streamlined, intuitive platform to bring your visions to life. Dive in, explore, and let Sei be the foundation of your next groundbreaking project.

This guide is subject to be updated over time, along with the Sei Docs


  • Sei is a permissionless blockchain that allows developers to deploy Rust-based smart contracts
  • Get started guide: This covers the entire process of installing dependencies, setting up seid command line tool, running a chain locally, creating a simple counter app smart contract, and deploying it to testnet
  • Sei-Cosmwasm Package supports smart contract querying and messages to the modules in sei-chain
  • Post tech questions and issues on Sei Github for quicker response (issues are reviewed by Sei dev team during daily standups)
  • For an indepth walk through, here’s a YouTube video on “How To Deploy On Sei”

Common Resources

Token Standards

  • Token Standards Doc
  • We strongly recommend dapps to use TokenFactory over CW20 for better performance, security and standardization.

Sei Tech Innovation:

Get Help

  • Post questions or issues on Sei Github (typically 24 hour SLA)

🛠️ Ecosystem Infrastructure

Sei's web3 infrastructure is comprehensive and tailored for efficiency. With a suite of tools and services readily available, developers can streamline their processes, ensuring swift development and deployment on Sei.

Some helpful links to get started can be found here:

Join Sei Community Groups

Dive into the heart of Sei by joining our vibrant community groups. Engage with like-minded enthusiasts, share insights, and collaborate on exciting projects. Being part of the Sei community means staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation and contributing to a shared vision for the future.